Meet the Caveman

My name is Devin and I love food. No really…I LOVE food! It is something I was practically born into.

In Northern Utah, where I grew up, all social events revolve around food. Pot luck events are the norm and I got to sample cooking from many households, for better or for worse!

As the youngest of four, my siblings began moving out and on with their lives while I was still relatively young. My parents began to find more time and money for cooking and travel. Meals in the home became more elaborate, exploring new foods more common, and eating like the locals essential. These are all things I still enjoy today.

Eventually, life and my career brought me to Southern California. Now I had my own place and needed to cook for myself, while keeping a closer watch on my finances. I read many books, watched YouTube videos, and listened to podcasts; quickly learning that control over my personal finances brought me a sense of peace that couldn’t be matched.

Soon I met an amazing man who became my incredible husband (yep, I’m such a lucky man!) I now had someone to cook for, which is so much more fun than cooking for myself! Life changed once again as I now had someone to dream and plan with.

The caveman and his man.

Our life became busy with higher education, work, family, friends, and so on. It was tough finding balance. I soon figured out that I couldn’t just find time for health, fitness, and finances. I had to MAKE time for them. Balance in life is a tricky thing, and I still have to work at it every day.

During this crazy time, we made a goal to run a half marathon. It had been a dream of both of ours, so we began running dozens of miles per week and I was cooking what I thought were ‘healthy’ meals. We were both fairly thin, and during this time we should have felt healthier than ever before. Instead, we didn’t feel super energized or happy with our bodies.

I began researching more on health and food. We experimented for almost a year with counting calories, food combining, vegetarian meals several times a week, and other things; but we didn’t see many results. By the end of the year, as part of our annual goal setting (we don’t do resolutions, they don’t work) I mentioned wanting to try a Paleo diet. I had researched a bit and it just made sense.

So, just after the New Year and the holidays, we emptied out our cupboards and pantry. We donated what we could, and eliminated everything that didn’t fit within the Paleo palette. Sometimes things were tough, but we kept it strict for about one month.

All things being equal, the simplest solution tends to be the best one.William of Ockham
This caveman enjoys waterslides.

In the first month my husband lost 10 pounds and I lost 5. Remember, neither of us was obese or even truly heavy. Our faces thinned and our cheekbones became more prominent as inflammation reduced. Our energy levels rose and were more consistent throughout the day. My husband’s acne all but disappeared, our muscle tone became more defined, and our occasional stomach and bowel irritations didn’t return. All this and we weren’t hungry or starving ourselves!

Needless to say, we were hooked. We didn’t find a diet, but a sustainable lifestyle. Now that we have passed our initial cleanse, we occasionally cheat. We eat out with family and friends, while our date nights often involve dessert or cheese. Yes, cheese! But we do it without fear or guilt. It is allowed and is one of the reasons we can stick with it.

I’m here to share what I’ve learned so far in my journey. How I found and keep a balance between my health, fitness, and wallet.

Why I Created The Frugal Caveman

To inspire others to find a balance in their lives through common-sense approaches to nutrition, fitness, and personal finance; while celebrating the love of great food, the joy of feeling healthier, and the peace of a balanced budget.Devin, The Frugal Caveman

My Caveman Pinkie Promise

Keep it caveman simple.

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Keep it fun!