The Caveman Kitchen

Having a well appointed kitchen is an important part of a healthy lifestyle. Without the right appliances and utensils cooking can be a chore! If working in the kitchen is pleasant, or even fun, then you are more likely to do it.

These days there is a kitchen doodad for everything imaginable! Most of them are not necessary. Focus on stocking up with fewer items that serve multiple purposes. Remember, we are trying to be frugal, but not cheap! What’s the difference? Click here to learn.

Here you will find options for what I consider essential tools in the kitchen.


A high-power, high-speed blender is an essential tool for a healthy lifestyle. It can turn nuts into milks and rich sauces, emulsify healthy salad dressings, create silky smoothies packed with healthy vegetables, mix up hot soups, and much more! A conventional blender, while cheaper, will struggle to complete most of these task.

Don’t skimp out on your blender, I use mine every single day! Here are some great options for almost every budget:

Pots and Pans

A good set of pots and pans is a kitchen essential. Shopping for pots and pans can get quite confusing. There are so many types and styles. My preferred type is hard-anodized. I find them heavy enough to give a good sear and the non-stick surface is easy to clean.

Here are several options of recommended sets:


You’ve heard it before, a good set of knives is not only essential in the kitchen, it is safer. 

A good set of knives will last you a lifetime… literally. Any set of quality knives can be sharpened and used for many years. Now that is a good value!


Baking is what started my passion for the kitchen. I first mastered baking cookies and then moved on to more difficult and technical items. I now bake in a more healthy way, but still love it.

Here are some essential baking items:

Mixing and Measuring

Mixing and measuring are important steps to almost any recipe. I recommend both a set of glass mixing bowls and a set of stainless steel mixing bowls.

Here are the tools to get it done:

Cooking and Preparation Utensils

Cooking utensils come in many types and forms. They can range from super cheap to somewhat expensive. I typically suggest buying mid-range utensils. The super cheap ones don’t seem to last long and you pay ridiculous premiums for some brands. Buying mid-range ensures durability, without breaking the bank.

Below are my recommended utensils.:

Stand Mixer

This section is a bit more of a luxury. I utilize my stand mixer at least a couple times a week. It saves me time when mixing, whipping, kneading, etc. 

I also have a few attachments for grinding and making ice creams. Again, a stand mixer is a luxury, but I have found it worth it for me.